The refinement of the last queen

Title:The refinement of the last queen

Author:Pan chanying

Description:The disaster of the world has made her reborn. In poor health, Jiang LAN, who has accepted her life and is ready to draw a full stop to her life, thinks that she is going to die in this way in her life, which is a drag on her mother. But unexpectedly, the end of the world suddenly comes. Space in hand, the world I have. Lingquan, Dan YaoThere’s no shortage of money, treasures and materials, and there’s also the skill of sending the proud and charming youth to the cultivation world! Jiang LAN: Hello, that guy. Do you have a date? That guy: about. This skill has two bottles of spirit spring water, which is the same price. Mother Jiang said: daughter, find someone to marry! The men said: Miss, take us to conquer the world! Father Jiang said:Take your time. Jiang LAN: it’s so stressful. I’d better wash and sleep. If you think that “the refining of the queen of the last days” is not bad, please don’t forget to tell me

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