The reborn General of the last world is elegant

Title:The reborn General of the last world is elegant

Author:Night wind

Description:Junmo comes from the magical world. He is not inferior to the last time. He is the general of killing gods and the guardian of the country. Qin Shao is the leader of the military department in the last world. He is the most powerful power when the zombie comes. He is the salvation of the survival of the last world. (zombies comeThey are two parallel lines that have nothing to do with each other, but they know each other by chance, but they still have nothing to do with each other. Junmo is elegant and arrogant, disdaining to marry others. Qin Shao is aloof and indifferent. He has no other emotions at all. On that day, zombies evolved for the second time, and the world fell back into chaos againPanic, Qin Shao injured by his site, Jun Mo calmly with women to kill out of the encirclement, along with the help of saving him. He accidentally broke into his world and was hurt by him. Qinshao takes his own swallow

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