The rebirth of the last man

Title:The rebirth of the last man

Author:Ice muscle and snow bone

Description:Tang Xueman went through a parallel world. She was very happy when she got away from the unreliable master, but she was not happy long before the end of the world came. No! Master, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t despise you. Come and save me. The world is too cruel. Tang Xueman doesn’t know. What’s more cruel is that she goes through a world with omnipotent marisu as the protagonistThe world, and she’s just a poor girl who’s been killed by a blackened man! She doesn’t care if she dies. But the black man said he didn’t play enough. When he came back, he continued to play with the black man who had killed himself in the face of his previous life. When he wanted to attack the black woman who was born again, and when he was born again, what did Tang Xueman think of the world´╝ü The lady is over there! What do you call me a dead man! If you think that “rebirth of the last man back” is not bad, please don’t forget to ask you Q

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