The rebirth of Mo City

Title:The rebirth of Mo City

Author:Lonely shadow only for prosperous life

Description:At the end of a dynasty, I sincerely paid, but the result was desolate. Rebirth back to the end, with space, with the ability of flora, I thought that I could plant fields, fight monsters, marry Bai Fumei, and go to the peak of my life. I didn’t expect that You sister! This kind of plant, not only can’t be eaten by people, but also can eat peopleWhat the hell! I thought the plants were fierce enough, but I didn’t expect there would be more. You Don’t come here! Come here again and I’ll put the plants! Looking back slightly, I want to find a sense of security, but I didn’t expect it! It seems that there are ten thousand grass and horses galloping by in my heart. I only have the word “ha ha” in my mind. Your sisterAh! At any rate, I planted you hard, but you gave in to the power and left your master behind. He turned his head and said with a dry smile: I have something else to do,

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