The rebirth of Lin Xue

Title:The rebirth of Lin Xue

Author:Ye Ziqian

Description:She, Lin Xue, is an orphan. Since she was a child, she has learned not to be coquettish and arrogant, and to hide herself. The killer organization just chose her because it valued her. In order to survive, Lin Xue gets up earlier than a chicken and sleeps later than a dog every day. Finally, she became the number one killer in the world, but a man broke into her heartThe door, took her heart, finally betrayed, killed her. You cross, she crosses into another world. She wanted to spend her life peacefully with her family, but when the end comes, she has to kill the zombie. Then she wakes up to Bing and Lei. She should have mixed well, but she has been suddenly attacked by herselfShe should not have recognized her relatives, but her parents owe them a favor. In the end, in a tide of corpses, she was loved by her best

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