The pursuit of Lop Nur

Title:The pursuit of Lop Nur

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Description:In May 1986, sun Qijun and his wife followed the tour group to Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang. By mistake, he stayed in the hotel where he entered Lop Nor with the national search team six years ago. The owner of the hotel got to know sun Qijun by accident and handed him an anonymous letter that had been sent to the hotel six years ago. Who is the sender? The inside of the letterWhat is Rong? All the things that seem totally incredible to others remind sun Qijun of all kinds of memories about six years ago… 22 years later, Sun Yan, sun Qijun’s nephew, unexpectedly received a letter of condolence from sun Qijun sent back from Lop Nor. To Sun Yan’s surprise, he was missing for 22 yearsSun Qijun mentioned in his letter that his wife Mei fang, who had died accidentally, was chasing him. Strange letters of condolence in Sun Yan’s peaceful life stirred up layers of waves, followed by each

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