The proud and charming man in the last crisis

Title:The proud and charming man in the last crisis

Author:Ice muscle and snow bone

Description:LAN Yuxi, a housemaid who is not diligent in all her limbs, accidentally falls to the end. After 2ooo years, in the face of the ubiquitous variation of animals and plants and the high-level zombies all over the world, LAN Yuxi feels that she seems to have come to the world of plants fighting zombies, but the lovely plants are rebellious, and they have become allies with zombies. Here it isUnder such a double attack, LAN Yuxi has to take her cow X’s cheating device to start her journey to the end of the world Highlights: “ah ~ ~ ~ you, you actually!” a woman covering her chest, thick skinned shameless mouth. “I I didn’t mean to! “A man threw himself hard, and he wanted to chop immediatelyThe hand that falls, complexion rises purple ground explanation. “I don’t care. You’re responsible for me anyway.” Some girl began to play rogue. “You Don’t think about it! “A man bit his teeth and refused to compromise.

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