The power of doomsday

Title:The power of doomsday

Author:Blueberry is cute

Description:Hello everyone, I’m blueberry. I’m a middle school student and a newcomer. The upload may be slower. Blueberry is here to apologize. The protagonist of this work is Ankai, which is me (described in the first person). It mainly talks about the coldness and ruthlessness of the doomsday, but there are real feelings in the world, and I’m very happyFortunately, with the help of the Maat people in space, we can survive in the end of the world and find our teammates, enemies, and traitors among them. At the end of the day, human beings are very difficult. In the face of the disappearance of the sun and the world without food, human life is full of gunpowder. For the sake of food, there is a war for human beingsIn order to save human beings, I also made resistance with mutated creatures, alpha people, and human beings. My team also suffered from death and injury. Tragedies always happened, but always happened

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