The plane of a death knight

Title:The plane of a death knight

Author:The ruler of the kingdom of heaven

Description:”Boss, I’m asking for a vacation.” “shut up.” a loli named Gaia stepped on qiuchen. “I didn’t come to Hebei Province to see you ask for leave. It’s great to cross the world. You scum, go to work quickly: / / / longtengx.!” “But boss, my holiday is on the third dayA million years later, I ask for an early vacation? I remember you built a place in that world called Fantasyland. “” this… “” where did you take altoria in the Holy Grail War? ” “That…” “to be honest, what did you do in the college city!””Ah ha ha, boss, I’m going to work: / / / longtengx. Goodbye!” As you can see, this is a boy who was grabbed by Gaia and fought across the plane

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