The picture of the end of the world

Title:The picture of the end of the world

Author:Ws tattoo

Description:The first person of Chinese Wolff physics prize was born in love with love, and he committed suicide by using his invention and accidentally crossed the different world. He tried hard to return to the earth, and had intended to contribute to physics with his own strange experience, but found that the earth was completely different. A strange virus broke out, and human society collapsed,Zombies everywhere, wild animals everywhere… He pursued the answer all the way, but the result made him sad. From then on, he embarked on the difficult road of saving mankind and rebuilding civilization. He fought with the zombies, with the wild animals, but also with people; in this struggle, he became stronger step by step, and finally led the human raceA new civilization has been established. Here, you can see different apocalypse, different cultural interpretation, different collision between technology and culture; here, there are martial arts

Author: miven

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