The paradox of three time periods

Title:The paradox of three time periods

Author:Ying Pingxuan

Description:In the 31st century, Elizabeth VII, under the threat of Mars general and zhuomur, was forced to use a strange gem called “scarlet tears” to cross. 50 years later, she met a boy named Jung ximer, and felt the boy’s inner ideal like fire. At this time in the 21st century, a high school girl is studyingLooking at this gem, Elizabeth VI is looking for her sister….. In fact, this book involves not only science fiction, but also the helplessness and sanctity of family, love and friendship, as well as the pain of knowing the future but not being able to change. The country has no intention to benefit the people for its own interests, and the people have no loveMutual suspicion. Racial discrimination, good people don’t get paid, etc.

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