The official of time and space

Title:The official of time and space

Author:You’re in the bowl

Description:Kyushu mainland, with the spirit of strength. The soul cultivators can call the souls of the dead in mainland China from ancient times to the present, either bless themselves or help to cultivate. Zhao Hao, a young man, has no intention of crossing the island, but he has become a wonderful flower in the mainland of Kyushu. “Brother Xiao, don’t jump in a hurry. I promise you’ll come with me for two days and I’ll give you one intactZhu, there is still hope in your life! ” “Yang Guo, if you want to know where your aunt is, just give me a two-day job!” “Brother Li, you’ve been drinking too much, and Yama won’t accept it. You’d better hang out with me. Don’t suffer. You’re a good sculptor.” “Ye Gucheng, Ximen chuixue, you are arrested for disturbing the safety of the palaceYou have the right to remain silent, but what you say will become evidence in court. “

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