The nine Yin Manual of the last era

Title:The nine Yin Manual of the last era

Author:Maple without injury

Description:The nine Yin Manual of a real grass root 24 karat silk thread crossed the way, and came to the same world as the last day. Since then, the trajectory of life has been earth shaking changes: growth, change, leave, ask. Dragon claw hand, dog beating stick, Taijiquan, Shenhe finger, phantom sword,The blood knife is recorded, and the blood cut is cut off. The blood knife is not rash: //.longtengx. work, five elements of the heart, ice core, the sun’s work, the mixed work, the evil spirit and the nine Yin manual. PS: I really can’t write a profile!!! But this book is no injury for nineThis is the first novel written by Yin. In the novel, all kinds of wonderful martial arts and internal skills in Jiuyin will be reproduced, so that everyone who has played Jiuyin or has not played Jiuyin can enjoy this journey

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