The new life of painting

Title:The new life of painting

Author:Warm heart

Description:If one day, you cross. What’s more, crossing has become the only tragedy in granny Qiongyao’s masterpiece — knowing what to do with painting, calmly dealing with it, or crying. And Chen Zhihua in our family is very calm. NvZhu: “nonsense, since huanzhuge was broadcast, it has been called vicious girl,Chen Zhihua’s sister, who has the same name and surname, was lucky at last, but in exchange for the unfortunate peak of her life, she crossed the world of returning pearls. You say, is it luck or misfortune. In a word, this is a girl who goes through the world of huanzhu and leads a happy life with the man and baoziMy story. Come on sister, happiness is waving to you

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