The mysterious sky dominates the gods

Title:The mysterious sky dominates the gods

Author:Maple leaves far away

Description:The vast universe, the vast expanse, Tiangang Disha, chaos formation, the vicissitudes of life, desire rampant, divide the north and south, Tiangang star wrinkled, Disha alone, a stream a palace without hate palace, sword two sets, madman green feather struggle, the beginning of the world xuantai, Tiangang Disha God, Han Yang between heaven and earth, who compete with, cold suddenly appear in the world, heaven and earthIt is decided that 17 years of father son relationship is just a task? What kind of waves will the young people’s pain, anger and unyielding set off in this lustful world? The foundation of Cultivation: Aura cultivation realm: world, yuan, Shi, Xuan, Tai, Shen world realm: 1-9 layers. YuanjingEarth, heaven, saint. Origin: Earth, heaven, saint. Xuanjing: Earth, heaven, saint. Taijing: taixuan, Taiqing, Taiyi

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