The most powerful star

Title:The most powerful star

Author:Jinsha River

Description:In 2053, the unknown comet with unknown energy hit the earth, the earth’s environment changed greatly, all kinds of powerful monsters sprang up, and the earth entered the doomsday era. In 2057, in order to fight against monsters, human beings developed a set of cultivation system. Since then, human beings entered the era of cultivation. In 2073 A.D., the hominidsWith the end of the order, the establishment of the new Federation and the global unification, the confrontation between human beings and monsters entered a tragic period. In 2093, the number of human beings was only one billion, but the human beings who obtained a lot of resources from monsters were stronger. The number of monsters on the earth decreased rapidly, and the new federation gradually stabilized. 211 A.DFive years later, the big bang of human science and technology entered the interstellar age, and the population grew rapidly In 2573 ad, Lin Yifan, the son of the poor, inadvertently opened the ancestral purple

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