The metamorphosis of net worm

Title:The metamorphosis of net worm

Author:Sloppy and crazy

Description:In addition to school, a super otaku who hasn’t been out of home for several years gallops in all kinds of computer online games. Every time I play computer online games, I don’t enter the official website. I kill seven in and seven out in the game. Later, the rapid rise of Apple mobile phone, vaguely replaced the computer, a variety of classic mobile games emerge in an endless stream, and immediately put this otaku’sThe past is attracted by the vision. He spent 3500 ocean to buy an apple generation 4 and played many types of mobile games, but he was not addicted enough. Just as he wanted to quit the stage of mobile game history, a fighting mobile game from Tencent attracted his attention. The aestheticism of painting style, the personality of the role, the pleasure of combo, make it difficult to understandAn otaku is deeply involved in it, unable to extricate himself

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