The mayor’s wife is not easy to get into

Title:The mayor’s wife is not easy to get into

Author:Gale all month

Description:The youngest mayor of C province and his secretary “sister” bound each other with a piece of marriage for revenge. “Su Yan, anyone can leave me, but you are not qualified.” He’s calm, confident and in charge of everything. She was indifferent, calm, but sunk in. At the critical moment, he resolutely chose to protect his old loveIt turned out that the reality was so cruel that she realized that she was so stupid and deep in love. With the pain to escape, a year later, mysterious return, she has been reborn. Holding a strange man to smile at him: “brother, this is my boyfriend.” “You want to cheat, my mayor’s wife?” He said, “Su Yan, I’m sorryI love you, so I can’t bear the burden of your leaving. ” “Song and Tang Dynasties, love for the purpose of injury, then go and talk to the king of hell.” She was proud and indifferent, and began her revenge tour

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