The march of the sail

Title:The march of the sail

Author:Still’s beginning

Description:Saier, although it’s a naive game for junior high school students, I always don’t want to give up. In a certain sense, I’m a real veteran. In 2009, when computers were not popular in every household, I saw this game for the first time, and I tried my best to play it as soon as I had timeIn those days, there was no rice coin, no super power nono, no super evolution, and nothing to spend money on now. I have lost confidence in the current sail, so I want to review my past experience with the story in my mind, although my virgins did not have Yuyu’s mission》With legendary color and wonderful writing style, it is not as good as the articles written by Mu en and Bi Xiaoxin, but I will work hard.

Author: miven

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