The magic of Liaozhai

Title:The magic of Liaozhai

Author:Love in late autumn night rain

Description:Zhai bath spirit sound buried coffin rest, loess sleep so human. After the three dynasties, the new tomb was restored, and the relatives of the four gengs got together. Holding the lamp to climb the mountain, take the food and wine to the tomb to pay tribute to the spirit of Yin. I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m the same as you. Sprinkle blood rice sacrifice Mountain God, words to wild ghost don’t rob food. It’s always good for children to cry loudlyIt’s hard to leave. The book like Liaozhai is a collection of strange things. It records all the strange things you see and hear. This book is a collection of many supernatural stories! There is always one of these supernatural stories that you like. There are n ghost stories recorded in this book! It’s not easy to write a book, especiallyThere are many stories in this book, all of which are written by my younger brother who risked his life to climb mountains and wade through rivers

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