The little Butler of Voldemort

Title:The little Butler of Voldemort


Description:Yin Nan, a teenager with a half magic body, has to go into a rich family alone to repay his grandfather’s kindness. She is willing to be a domestic servant. Hardworking and kind-hearted, he was recognized by his master and asked him to follow the aggressive and willful second lady. Can he control and change the second lady? Women are superior to men, so that he will be kind-heartedThe love for the young lady in my heart is deeply hidden. In the residence, there are family chores and the needs of young ladies. In the city outside, there are many bloodthirsty demons. And there are more half demons around. Whether it’s a friend or an enemy, whether it’s a probation or a killing, that’s for a boy of only 17 or 18 years oldBoth the mind and the body are under great pressure. Diligence, optimism and bravery are his motivation to persist. Gradually, he no longer hid his love for the young lady,

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