The legend of the end

Title:The legend of the end

Author:Gorgeous hypocrisy

Description:The end of the world in the unexpected next second, quietly opened the prelude, the earth opened the chapter of evolution and variation. It is no longer mindless zombies that pull human beings down from the top of the food chain, because after the end of the world, there will be hunting grounds for all things on earth and hell for human beings. Yesterday, thousands of cities were crowded with people. fromToday, all things are competing for deer, and the winner is the king. Zombies, mutants, monsters, superpowers A legendary game, a fat man, a little Lori, a few roars: “drunk, talking and laughing, the end of the road, ups and downs by me not by the day” “if killing can let me survive, it’s just like breathing”Single.” “If glory can only be written with blood and corpses, then I will crush everything without hesitation.” From the legendary war song, I come forth in large numbers

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