The legend of the demon subduing Emperor

Title:The legend of the demon subduing Emperor

Author:Wen daoyuanli

Description:Since the discovery of the entrance to the earth’s core, the Six Nations Alliance of China, Russia, Britain, the United States, France and Japan has not stopped drilling and excavation until six super large machines appeared in succession at a depth of 8000 kilometers underground. In the next 100 years, scientists from all over the world racked their brains and could not solve the mystery. Until the development of quantum science, we know that this is a problemA global particle impactor is set up, which emits particles and moves around the world at high speed through the impactor and super magnetic field. For a time, there were surging winds and clouds, and various forces, governments, transnational groups, gangsters, religious organizations and so on, were intertwined. Finally, the cooperation of the six countries, code name: gate of God. Launched the particle collider left over from the last civilization, and artificially created a black hole, which is enough for six spacecraft to pass through, in order to maintain the stability of the black hole

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