The last woman

Title:The last woman

Author:Wizard meow

Description:The so-called doomsday is that people panic, zombies run rampant and morality degenerates overnight. Even so, don’t lose hope. However, she didn’t know that this was not only a simple eschatology, but also a kind of Diablo’s x-text with herself as the “female leader”. The healing power of famous weapon can’t kill the child, and the standard NPSM three concepts are destroyed, and the lower limit is brokenWhat’s worse, the name of this story will probably be changed to rebirth. Female strong text, female owner original, no through no rebirth. The woman is reborn, and it is her duty to kill the woman and snatch the man to change her fate Dear readers, the author hasAsk for everything! Please click! Please recommend! Please collect! For a reward! Ask for a monthly ticket! Evaluation! In short, it’s all kinds of requests ~ ~ ~ coquettish and cute, rolling star eye five body investment

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