The last war wolf

Title:The last war wolf

Author:King of armor

Description:In 2014, Ebola T virus quickly swept the world. Governments around the world have mobilized relevant forces to strictly control the spread of the disease. Some people say that this is just a simple infectious virus, such as SARS, influenza and so on. Some people say that all this is a conspiracy of M country to manufacture biological and chemical weaponsOne day, 511 frontier defense company was suddenly attacked by a group of inexplicable creatures with weapons. Overnight, Nanyun province and its surrounding cities were quickly engulfed by T virus. Zombies slaughtered the city, and the police and army gradually collapsed.The 1174 division of the Chinese people’s armed police force is a last generation army with strong combat effectiveness secretly established by the Chinese nation. The evolution of war wolf with military scientific research achievements

Author: miven

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