The last song of the dead

Title:The last song of the dead

Author:He Xiaoyan

Description:My name is Luoyu, because the day I first met you, it rained heavily. My name is Luoxue, just because – your name is Luoyu. He was an orphan. He was abandoned when he was born. His master took him in and taught him to learn Buddhism. He was very talented. When he was three years old, he read all the Buddhist scriptures on the mountain. But the master thought that he had no Buddhist heart, so he didn’t know itFollow the teacher’s orders to go down the mountain and guard a newborn baby girl. Only with his guard can the baby girl live beyond the age of 18. Sure enough, with him, her life has been smooth, until she was 17 years old this year, they were admitted to university, was suppressed for 17 years of crisis, broke out! But, all of thisIs it really predestined? Or, being manipulated? Thousands of years of love and hatred, this life, is the end! Let’s see how he finds himself step by step and looks at halal

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