The last sisters stand up

Title:The last sisters stand up

Author:Cat on tiger’s back

Description:Once upon a time, there was a mountain. There was a temple in the mountain. There lived a pair of sisters in the temple. The elder sister was indifferent and capable, and the younger sister was soft outside and hard inside. If you lose your father or mother, holding hands, raising chickens and ducks, killing pigs and driving donkeys, you can still live a wonderful life. At the end of the day, the chicken died and the duck went mad. My sister was trapped in the zombie group, and my sister disappeared in the jungle. againWhen we meet, my sister holds a big knife and has a high position. My sister has a big zombie in her left hand and a small zombie in her right hand, so she has to sit on the zombie throne. My sister begged me to kill her, and my sister begged me to live. Finally, she went to the yellow spring together, and then opened her eyes, but it was before the end of the world.

Author: miven

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