The last rice insect

Title:The last rice insect


Description:Ying Ziyan, a housemaid novelist who is not self-motivated, lazy and determined to be a rice bug, is happiest with a touch of sunshine, a rocking chair, a cup of flower tea, a pile of snacks and a novel. Finally one day, the God of luck hit her, let her get the legendary space, excitedShe seems to forget that fortune and misfortune depend on each other. The coming end of the world makes her grow a mushroom. Her desire to be disillusioned finally arouses her only self-improvement in her life. From then on, her parents and uncles work hard to earn money and buy equipment in the space shop, and her brothers and sisters work hard in the end of her life outside the spaceThe fight to kill zombies to earn crystal core, at the same time with a doting super handsome guy without bottom line, a rice bug can not help but sigh: the end of the world, so good!

Author: miven

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