The last queen of zombies

Title:The last queen of zombies

Author:The illusion of meaning

Description:What happens when zombies don’t like eating and fighting? What happens when zombies love beauty, cleanliness and fashion? What happens when zombies have strength, culture and ideals? Su Yue, an ordinary office worker, became a zombie at the end of the day, and attached a portable space. Su Yue thinks that since it has become a funeralCorpse, then she wants to be an excellent zombie with strength, culture, ideal, beauty, cleanness, fashion and strength. Lack of materials? Not afraid, she has a cow XX space, which can not only store countless materials, but also grow vegetables and fruits, raise livestock and animals, so she doesn’t worry about food and clothing. DoomsdayA lot of opportunities? It’s OK,: / /. Longtengx. For a zombie with human thoughts, she walks across the zombies, and also thrives among human beings! can

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