The last man

Title:The last man

Author:Confucian layman

Description:In reality, the basic living materials became the most urgent commodity in the end. In reality, gold and diamond technology in the last world is the endorsement of the most local tyrants. Relying on the complementary advantages of the two worlds, Zhao Wenhao unexpectedly became the leader of Kunwu School of earth Xiuzhen school, and could travel through the end of the world and reality. Therefore, he began his lifeThe end! To unify the last world, to get the origin of the world, to become the leader of the world; to cultivate the psionic world, to command the Earth Defense War, to fight against aliens, to form the Earth Alliance. Poor and short become tall and handsome, climb the peak of life, build a huge Zhao Empire, and become the CEO of the Earth Alliance. “Don’t talk to me about idealsWhat I’m going to do is to be the best man in the world

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