The last iron Lord

Title:The last iron Lord

Author:Nugget AEROBOMB

Description:I once heard that Yi was a good man who kept his guard and helped others. After the doomsday explosion, he obtained a system in which the evil souls changed everything. In the world where zombies were rampant, biological variation, power was cut off, weapons were invalid, and human beings were struggling to survive, he began to change slowly. “Green tea girl, want to go to the shelter? Ah,My feet are dirty. Don’t lick them. Oh I don’t like that. ” “Brother general, colt python, send ten runes. Big guy! How about quadruple Aoneng antiaircraft machine gun? ” With the help of the system, he collected talents, built underground shelters and monopolized the underground market,Finally, he sat high on the throne of steam, pillow 36e, drinking vodka, overlooking all living beings, and said wantonly

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