The last food supplier

Title:The last food supplier

Author:Tricholoma matsutake

Description:In addition to the ubiquitous eschatology, food has also become another major crisis. Affected by the environment, most of the food materials are on the verge of extinction, a small number of food although tenacious survival, but also lost the original taste. However, all this is not good for Bai CenIt’s a problem. “What? Do you want 100 Jin rice? Fifty level five magic nuclei or the corpses of 100 level five creatures can be exchanged. ” “Would you like a lobster dinner? Well, it’s a bit difficult. Well, I’ll help you with a relic equipment. ” “What’s the function of my cooking? This is the questionWell, I’ll make sure you’re in good health after eating the food I’ve cooked. It’s delicious and the property is greatly increased. ” The end of the world, originally a very miserable era, but in the face of Bai Cen

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