The last demon king

Title:The last demon king

Author:My dream

Description:They are orphans, but they are partners! They have weaknesses, but they are strong! The living dead, the marauders in the last world, the mutant skeletons, the rulers of the underground world, they are different, they are the legendary mutants. But fate plays a trick on people. Human beings have hurt them wantonly. Install the core without permissionSlice, clone, tamper with memory respectively Is it being manipulated by fate or by who? In the last days, the law of the jungle, natural selection, is it? The weak are not qualified to survive? What about war orphans and weaknesses! As long as the heart is full of hope, even with flesh and bloodBody, will also be able to break all shackles, reshape the new order! Author No. (1206832312)

Author: miven

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