The last days

Title:The last days

Author:Mud cold

Description:Inherited from the illusory flood and wasteland, the reality which is close to reality but close to absurdity is derived. At the end of the day, the demons are born. While sucking blood, the giant bat monster also sucks soul. It is bloodthirsty and cruel, but it still has some rational walking corpses. It is huge and terrifying, but it has poor intelligence and is enslaved by other thingsFoot monster. There are countless strange ecological, strange ghosts. Will the endangered Terran continue to survive? Can the long-standing Chinese Han people finally turn the tide? Bat demon, zombie, power, immortality, national war, group fight, exterminate the Japanese, heaven, fat man, the Three Kingdoms, this is itSome of them are in this book. Lori, beautiful women, beautiful girls, mature women, young women, female students, female teachers, female doctors, these, um, can be found in this book.

Author: miven

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