The land of zombies

Title:The land of zombies

Author:Star shadow fantasy morning

Description:The end of the world came quietly. However, this time, there is no thrilling scene in the film, but it is unforgettable. The spread of a virus has led to the mutation of most people in the world. However, after the mutation, they are no longer human. They’re bloodthirsty, they’re cruel, we’ll take themThey’re called zombies. How many people died under the Zombie’s claws, and how many love and hate turned into ashes in the Zombie’s blood. In the end, it was so cruel. Family, just leave us. Do we always sink? Is civilization destroyed in this way? Fight! let’sEliminate the evil in the world, let’s fight! The battle with zombies! Remember, they are no longer human. This is not a man’s war!

Author: miven

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