The king of blind date in the last days

Title:The king of blind date in the last days

Author:My Chinese gallbladder xdw

Description:Wang Shulin is just an ordinary private enterprise driver. He is honest and unsophisticated. He is constantly working and dating until he meets a special girl who has changed his life. The sudden doomsday blinds the sun, and the whole world falls into perpetual overcast day and endless darknessDark. The evil monsters who are afraid of the sun are pouring out from the ground and corners, devouring the flesh and blood. A large number of human beings have become zombies. The global order has collapsed, the sand is all over the sky, and the bones are ruins. The surviving human beings can only survive and light in the package of blood, fire and ultraviolet rays. However, zombies are not caused by biochemical virusesBut from outer space The mysterious elements in the body of Wang Shulin, the blind date king, began to wake up and became the only women in the doomsday

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