The killing of armored legend

Title:The killing of armored legend

Author:Small V-neck

Description:Thousands of years ago, various countries fought against each other, resulting in too many biological deaths and injuries, and let the alien species come to the world. Instead of relieving the suffering of all living beings, they poured oil on the fire. After the alien species came to the world, they madly slaughtered people, animals, plants and all living beings in the world. Just when they were about to die, there was no mistake. The story of dog blood went on againIn the performance, four people wore four sets of ancient gods’ armor. With their concerted efforts, they solved the massacre. And thousands of years later, the alien species came back to the world, and what should they do? New upload, if there are deficiencies, please forgive and put forward more deficiencies, let me correct.

Author: miven

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