The journey of two dimensional plane

Title:The journey of two dimensional plane

Author:The king with the blind

Description:Since a certain house got the system created by a certain God on a certain day, the fate of a certain house began to change dramatically “Well, what’s the profile? Is it delicious? ” Some unscientific catalogue of banned books said askew. “Well, you can’t eat this.” A house lost its way. “Master, knights should not fight on an empty stomachYes Said a knight with a serious face. “My king, you have eaten eight portions of food. If you eat any more, we will be bankrupt.” A house wants to cry without tears. “Where’s my pineapple bread?” A scorching Crusader stares at a house with a bad complexion. “Well Well, it’s a long story… ” Some house pretendsCalmly trying to explain. “No road race, no road race, no road race! Zhidian covers that. ” Some curfew! (FOG)====================

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