The joke of light and shadow

Title:The joke of light and shadow

Author:Drowning siren

Description:The protagonist sleeps unintentionally. When he wakes up, he finds himself lying in the nest of the strange fish and forgets his identity. After one departure after another, the protagonist gradually loses himself. When he wants to commit suicide, suddenly a child who calls himself a ghost hunter appears in front of him and claims that he can provide survival for himselfThe weapon of the world is not only killing the monster, but also escaping from the monster’s hand. It is more doubtful that the protagonist who has been constantly challenged has gradually realized the barbarism and horror of the world. It seems that everything is closely tied to someone. The real terror is not only for the monsters, but also for the greed of human beingsUgly heart. At the same time, the protagonist also knows other people: the sniper who saves himself, Qing who can only meet in a dream, Sanai who fights for his family, the mysterious qizhuanhe and others

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