The Iron Army of Huben

Title:The Iron Army of Huben

Author:Fried egg with leek

Description:Scenes of war, the beacon back to 1937! After the army of the brave was cut off. This is a voluminous and realistic Anti Japanese war novel. Starting from the Songhu battlefield, a fierce soldier who was knocked out by a shell and lost his memory on the battlefield is walking on the hard road of blood step by step. There are countless Chinese men hereThere are also dark factional struggles and bloody and dirty transactions within the National Army Party. When brother paoze fell down one after another, and he could hardly see a familiar face around him, he vowed to kill all the Japanese invaders. InIt’s this “idiot” who has lost his memory and never retreats in the face of a strong enemy, who is fighting with a mantis arm when his isolated army is broken, and who leads his troops to attack thousands of miles in order to win

Author: miven

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