The invasion of darkness

Title:The invasion of darkness

Author:Blood Xuan Yuan

Description:A virus swept the world, countries helpless, blood month night, zombie mutation! Standing at the top of the biological tower, human beings suddenly fell into the abyss. In the face of a variety of biological variation, no longer the prestige of the past – to live! It’s the only thought people have. It is the darkness that erodes all the light, manClass perishes, or light breaks through darkness, like Phoenix Nirvana. No matter what the outcome, the days of suffering still need to be difficult to pass, no one wants to be the next dish. live on! live on!! People are shouting (you can take a look at the book of suishuyoushu, which is related to the works or in the book reviewI have to look back and forth awkwardly. Alas, I feel awkwardly myself. Mobile users can click on related works.) If you think “dark invasion” is good, please don’t worry

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