The holy Templar

Title:The holy Templar

Author:Story RPG

Description:If one day you have mastered the power far beyond ordinary people, what will you do? How it will be done. Is it to be a slave of desire to do whatever you want, or to be a knight with moral character and conscience by self-cultivation and suppressing the demons in your heart? It’s all about your choice.A group of figures in black windbreaker come and go in and out in a strange plane. It seems that there are countless entrances. At a glance, there are countless. This is a plane of time and space. It’s a singularity discovered by chance in time. There are such a group of people who are silent, unknown, powerful and thoughtful. Here, he supervises time and spacePeople who have seen them are called time and space SWAT! Ancestors, your last wish has been completed, I can also smile. A girl in a black windbreaker, smiling

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