The hidden evil of infinite goes against the Tao

Title:The hidden evil of infinite goes against the Tao

Author:Dead dust

Description:He was nameless, and was born again by chance. Betrayed, even to infinite, against heaven opportunity. The power that can’t be grasped is the flower in the mirror and the moon in the water. It’s only when you hold it in your hand that it’s true. Infinite reincarnation, see the hidden devil step by step to the road of the counter way. My hidden devil asked the sky: “hidden devil’s life, turn the way into a devil.”One day, I will let this day crawl under my feet. Three thousand weak water, I only take a ladle. Stars all over the sky, reincarnation of the world, but I only want to… Fishing in the river, to see her reincarnation, just to see her smile. Fan Yin Mo)Looking up at the blue sky that I haven’t noticed for a long time, I said to myself, “I broke free from reincarnation and jumped out of the way of heaven, but I lost to you in the end.”

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