The Great Dark Age

Title:The Great Dark Age

Author:Blood night singer

Description:At the end of cold-blooded life, the heart of a beautiful woman is broken, and the world is filled with animal blood! With the collapse of law and the decline of morality, human beings are faced with the choice between good and evil! When human beings fall from the top of the food chain, they have to fight to survive! An almost no specialty, physical weakness of the otaku, unexpectedly due to inexplicable oppression in the futureDong has become the world’s leading king of individual soldiers His sad discovery of unexpected future memory If you had only a few hours left in your life, what would you do? Is it to wait quietly and spend the last time, or to let go and exhaust the last strength for survival? Walking in the shadow,Dark is the best cover, evil Rune engraved in the eyes, with the dagger in hand, pierce the fog of death! Zombies, mutants, weird, that’s it

Author: miven

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