The great ape

Title:The great ape

Author:Nangong yushao

Description:Since Pangu created heaven and earth, there have been three worlds: one is the spiritual world, which is dominated by apes and dominates the spirits of plants and animals in the world; the second is the divine world, which is headed by dragons and is in charge of the people who practice Taoism; the third is the human world, where all kinds of ethnic groups live togetherIn charge of affairs, there is a boundary between the three realms, which seems to be three closed islands. They are in peace with heaven in the solitude. However, there is a natural vision. One of the three gods in the divine world, the Great Dragon God of fire, suddenly changed and imprisoned the other two by means of low poison. After tens of thousands of years of peace was broken, the war in the three realms began….。。

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