The grandson of slippery ghosts

Title:The grandson of slippery ghosts

Author:Lonely life, lonely life

Description:The protagonist Nu Liang Lu Sheng seems to be an ordinary middle school student. In fact, he is the grandson of the glib (glib: a Japanese monster who breaks into other people’s homes, steals other people’s food and makes trouble for other people’s homes). He inherits a quarter of the blood of the glib. When he was a child, Lu Sheng adored his grandfather very much, and he also shared with his friends under his grandfather’s leadershipNuliang group is very close. However, in a discussion with his classmates, Lu Sheng learned that human beings are afraid of monsters, so he wanted to live a peaceful life instead of inheriting the three generations of Nu Liang group. One day, Lu Sheng’s human friends were attacked by monsters. In order to protect them, they awakened their own blood of monsters and rescued their friends. Four years later, the terrestrial life is still aliveHope as human life, but in order to control the nurang group and the monster world relative.

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