The good vengeance

Title:The good vengeance

Author:Murong Yingxue

Description:A girl who was sold to the most backward and primitive waste star in the universe by the enemies of the family survived in the dirty garbage station. Once she met by chance, a woman over half of her age took her in and lived a life of fighting and killing. She feeds on the ugliest and most disgusting beasts in the universe to accept all kinds of planetary explorationSuo is on the line of death every day, but she has the most sincere partner in the world. When everything is destroyed and she comes back to her family, does she choose to live a good life with her family or continue her previous life. No matter what, she, Zhai Xingyue, is facing the stars in the sky, even in the skyHot sun, she can live together, but also brighter. She chose to be a kind nemesis, kind because she didn’t want you to die well, even in death

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