The gate to the end of the world

Title:The gate to the end of the world

Author:Dark litchi

Description:Biological and chemical crisis, natural disaster Zombies, global freezing In cinemas and games, human beings are exposed to such “doomsday” every day. But no one really believes that As a child, Su Lifeng was a man who could foresee disaster, but he never thought that one day he would foresee disasterKnow the end of the world: a hundred days later, the world will fall. Human beings will be extinct. Sulifeng took a deep breath and woke up from the picture: “I need to calm down…” My girlfriend is a zombie. I have finished my 350W last life novel. I’ve been constantly improving my moral integrityWelcome to the pit. New books need irrigation, food, tickets ~ book group 429403003, friends who like to chat, please add.

Author: miven

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