The game of the last generals

Title:The game of the last generals

Author:The passing streamer

Description:When the fourth solar age came, the sky was slowly covered by blood red fog, time and space gradually overlapped, the rules of the world changed, and human science and technology became scrap iron. Zombies mutated by T virus, mutated animals mutated by gene, top blood dragon in legend, and fossilized animals climbing out of a hundred year old tombCorpses, many historical figures are gradually appearing on the earth. Who is better or worse, zombies or zombies? Who is better than Qin Shihuang or Tang Taizong? Can Zhu Yuanzhang overthrow Genghis Khan again? Spartan soldiers and Xiliang cavalry meet by chance, Zhuge Liang and Zhang Liang face-to-face tea, verticalChat.

Author: miven

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