The game of the end

Title:The game of the end

Author:Light blue 01

Description:After living in the last 11 years, Jiang Buqi returned to the beginning of the great disaster. When he saw the zombies and mutant animals all over the world, he was no longer frightened, but excited. In the last life, he failed to become the first group of evolutors, so that he fell behind man step by step. In this life, he will rely on his rich experience to serve himself and his brother who lives and dies togetherMy brother broke into a world. Not only to make up for the past regret, but also to deal with all kinds of epic characters on earth. Drink with Wu Song, fight with Lu Bu, cheat with Song Jiang, and kill zombies with Zhao Zilong – this is the end of the world, like a playground.

Author: miven

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